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Publishing papers with no author’s approval

Dear hyperspace@aei Users!

I want inform you about interesting event I have met recently. Namely, I noticed that one of my arXiv’s contributions to gr-qc titled “On quantum cosmology as field theory of bosonic string mass groundstate” has been published as “On quantum cosmology as field theory of bononic string mass groundstate” (i.e. with mispronounced word bosonic) in the journal International Journal of Physics by International Sciences Press within Serial Publications, see the webpage

I have submitted the appropriate info (with the link cited above) to arXiv, and SPIRES also accepted this information. After this I sent email to the Editor in Chief M. Agop affiliated to Department of Physics, Technical University “Gh. Asachi” Iasi 700050, Romania  with my question about the publication procedures of the journal. My doubts were serious, because I did not sent my paper to the journal, as well as I did not give my approval for publication of the manuscript. Moreover, I suppose there was not applied peer-review, because the paper consists few minor mistakes. I have not obtained any reply from the Editor in Chief, however, I have noticed today that the paper has been withdrawn from the journal.

Really, I do not know what one should do in this type of situations. I do not wish to suggest manifestly the opinion about the journal and its Editors.

Best regards,

L. Glinka