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SageMath 9.0 is out

SageMath 9.0 has just been released. It is a major new version, the first one based on Python 3. Binaries for Linux, macOS and Windows, as well as Docker images, are available at It is also available online at and

Regarding calculus on manifolds, SageMath 9.0 has important new features:

– vector bundles (brand new!)
– characteristic classes
– more flexibility in constructing vector frames
– possibility to specify multiple symmetries and contractions in index notation
– more control on the numerical ODE solver for geodesics
– various small improvements and bug fixes

See for details.

SageMath is a Python-based free computer algebra system, with some differential geometry and tensor calculus capabilities implemented via the SageManifolds project ( See for examples of use, in particular in the context of general relativity.