VIII Mexican School (DGFM-SMF)

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Location:  Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

SPEAKABLE AND UNSPEAKABLE IN GRAVITATIONAL PHYSICS: Testing gravity from submillimeter to cosmic scale.

VIII School of the Gravitation and Mathematical Physics Division (DGFM) of the Mexican Physical Society (SMF), December 6-12, 2009, Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo, MEXICO

Our School has as its main goal to provide an inviting arena for exchanging and discussion on top developments in gravitational physics in a pedagogical manner. In this occasion its focus will be on the confrontation between gravitational theories and the constraints coming from tests ranging from sub-millimeter to the cosmic scale. The program includes several courses and plenary talks as well as a couple of parallel sessions. The venue will be the Hotel Iberostar Quetzal located in the Riviera Maya, an inspiring place offering cultural features and natural beauty.

Further details:

SPEAKERS INCLUDE: R Maartens, T Rizzo, BS Sathyaprakash, S Turyshev, EG Adelberger, RH Beyer, M Bojowald, A Camacho, C Laemmerzahl, A Perez-Lorenzana, BF Schutz, D Sudarsky.

LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: H.A. Morales-Técotl (UAM-I), Luis Ureña (Guanajuato), R. Linares (UAM-I), H.H.García-Compeán (CINVESTAV)

ADVISORY COMMITTEE: M. Alcubierre (ICN-UNAM), N. Bretón (CINVESTAV), J. Cervantes (ININ), A. Macías (UAMI), T. Matos (CINVESTAV), D. Núñez (ICN-UNAM), J. Socorro (Guanajuato).