Title Location Deadline Tags
Postdoctoral position in Relativistic Theoretical Astrophysics, Frankfurt, Germany Frankfurt, Germany 2020-09-30 ,
Postdoc positions in Gravitational Waves and Numerical Relativity, Jena, Germany Jena, Germany 2019-10-01
Full Professorship in Fundamental Physics from Strong Gravity, Nijmegen, The Netherlands Nijmegen, The Netherlands 2019-09-16
M.Sc. and Ph.D Students in Theoretical Physics, Lethbridge, Canada Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 2019-09-15 ,
Postdoctoral positions in Numerical Relativity at the RIT, Rochester, NY, USA Rochester, NY, USA 2020-01-31
STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships, University of Sheffield, UK Sheffield, United Kingdom 2019-08-12 ,
Tenure-track faculty position in Astroparticle Physics at SISSA, Trieste, Italy Trieste, Italy 2019-09-02
Visiting Assistant Professor position in Physics/Astronomy at Montclair State University, NJ, USA Montclair, NJ, USA 2019-08-01 ,
Postdoc at Nottingham, UK Nottingham, UK 2019-07-30
Postdoctoral position in relativistic astrophysics at Paris Observatory, France Meudon, France 2019-08-15
Postdoctoral position in numerical relativity at Rhodes University, South Africa Grahamstown, South Africa 2019-07-29
ICG postdoctoral research fellow, Portsmouth, UK Portsmouth, UK 2019-07-16
Nottingham Research and Anne McLaren Fellowships, Nottingham, UK Nottingham, UK 2019-08-22
STFC Rutherford Fellowship, Nottingham, UK Nottingham, UK 2019-07-15
Montalcini Fellowship in the University of Trento, Italy Trento, Italy 2019-07-18
ESA Reserach Fellowships in Space Science, The Netherlands, Spain Noordwijk (NL) and Madrid (E) 2019-10-01 ,
Postdoctoral position in HEPCAT group at the University of Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South Africa 2019-07-15
PhD position in the HEPCAT group at the University of Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South Africa 2019-07-15
Faculty position in gravitational wave observation, Leuven, Belgium Leuven, Belgium 2019-09-20
Tier II Canada Research Chair in multi-messenger astrophysics at Bishop’s University, Sherbrooke, Canada Sherbrooke, Canada 2019-08-30
Ph.D. student positions in quantum cosmology, Warsaw, Poland Warsaw, Poland 2019-07-31
Post-Doctoral Researcher positions in “Gravity theory and gravitational wave phenomenology”, Rome, Italy Rome, Italy 2019-10-31
PhD Positions in QFT and GR at Jena/Leipzig, Germany Jena/Leipzig, Germany 2019-07-01
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Multi-messenger Astrophysics at RIT, New York Rochester, USA 2019-12-31
PhD fellowship in the Relativistic Astrophysics Group at the University of Valencia, Spain Valencia, Spain 2019-05-20
Tenure track position in gravitational wave physics at UIB, Palma de Mallorca, Spain Palma de Mallorca, Spain 2019-05-24
Postdoc positions in Multi-Messenger Modelling of GW+EM sources, Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden 2019-05-31
PhD position in Theoretical Astrophysics at GSI Darmstadt, Germany Darmstadt, Germany 2019-05-24
Post-Doctoral Researcher on cosmic rays, University of Kansas, USA Lawrence, KS, USA 2019-04-25
Postdoctoral Positions in Gravitational or Statistical Physics at the Institute for Physics and Mathematics, Morelia, Mexico Morelia, Mexico 2019-05-15