Mailing List

The mailing list cannot be used to announce conferences, jobs, or news. Any message sent to the list will be discarded. A newsletter, the hyperspace@gu bulletin is sent out to mailing list subscribers on the 2nd of each month (editorial deadline is the last of the previous). subscribe to the hyperspace@gu mailing list to receive information about conferences, jobs and news in general relativity and gravitation.

Subscribing is simple and can be done by following this link. Make sure to provide full name information even if the form does not require it.

Unsubscribing is also easy and instructions can be found here.

You can also choose to register to the whole hyperspace@gu by using the contact form. In this case, together with the subscription to the mailing list, you will be able to fill-in a page of information about you as a scientist working in general relativity and gravitation. Because of the advantages of having a personal page of information, a full registration is preferable over a simple subscription to the mailing list.

To recap, you can:

  • subscribe to the mailing list only (you cannot provide personal information and will need authorization for posting)
  • register to hyperspace@gu (you can provide personal information and will not need authorization for posting; also, you will be subscribed to the mailing list)

In both cases you can ask at any time to be removed either from our database or from the mailing list. Should you encounter problems or need help with the subscription, just let us know via the contact form.

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the hyperspace-list archives.