I was on MacCallum’s list. What do I need to to?
You don’t need to do anything if you simply want to receive the monthly bulletin collecting information about conferences, jobs, and news. If you want to leave your personal data and post without moderation, then you need to register.

I was not on MacCallum’s list. What do I need to to?
If you want to be listed as a GRG scientist and provide information about you (e.g., your name, institution, scientific interests, etc) you can register by contacting us here. Together with the registration comes the subscription to the mailing list of Hyperspace.

I’m not a registered GRG scientist. Can I post announcements?
You can still post announcements anonymously but these will be moderated by the editor. Posts by registered users, on the other hand, will normally not be moderated.

Are there restrictions on the format of the posts?
Yes! Many of the recipients of the bulletin still use older text-only mailers (e.g. alpine). To make the bulletin readable also by these older mailers, no html formatting is possible in the ads. So refrain from using embedded links, bold or italics formatting as these will be removed.

I want to post an announcement about a conference or a job. Should I send it to the mailing list?
No! The mailing list cannot be used to make announcements. Rather, use the left-side buttons to post your announcement in the correct category. After moderation the post will appear on the web and collected in the hyperspace bulletin sent at the beginning of each month.

I don’t want to be registered as a GRG scientist but want to receive the bulletin. What do I need to to?
If you simply want to receive the monthly bulletin, just subscribe to the mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time by following this link.

I don’t want to be registered and I don’t want to receive the bulletin. Can I still collect information?
Yes you can. Just import the calendars or the RSS feeds.

I want to remove my personal data and unsubscribe from the mailing list. What do I need to do?
Just contact us via the contact form.

I don’t want to receive the bulletin but want to be listed as a GRG scientist. What do I need to do?
In this case just unsubscribe from the mailing list by following this link.

I’ve lost my password. What should I do?
Just go to the login page (top right corner) and follow the link “forgot your password?”

I’ve changed my email address. What should I do?
If you are subscribed to the mailing list only, just go the mailing list page and modify your email address. If you are registered, access your personal page and update your email address.

Can I post the same announcement on more categories?
No. A post should belong to one category only (i.e., Jobs, Conferences, News, Codes) . If your post has mixed information, post it as two different announcements.

What is a “tag”?
It’s a reference string that allows you to organize multiple versions of your post. As an example, it can be used to distinguish different types of job offers (i.e., Phd fellowship, postdoc, faculty) or for successive announcements of a conference (i.e. when posting successive circulars).

What’s on the bottom of the right side-bar?
It’s an alphabetical collection of the most frequently used tags. The larger the font size, the larger the occurrence of the tag.

How do I import the calendars on hyperspace@gu?
Follow the link on the left side bar and once the calendar is loaded press one of the buttons of your choice. (i.e., xml, ical, html ). This service is provided by Google.

How can I upload a numerical code?
We are still working on this but soon it will be possible to use hyperspace@gu as a repository of numerical codes of use to the research in general relativity and gravitation.