Excellent research published online: Newtonian Gravity and the Bargmann Algebra

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It gives me great pleasure to notify you of the publication of the above article in Classical and Quantum Gravity.

TITLE: Newtonian Gravity and the Bargmann Algebra
AUTHORS: Roel Andringa, Eric Bergshoeff, Sudhakar Panda and Mees de Roo

This article received very positive comments and a high quality rating from its referees. The article is available to download from IOPscience.

Please find below a summary by the authors of the developments made in this article:

‘Newton–Cartan gravity is a geometric formulation of Newtonian gravity, based on the nonrelativistic limit of general relativity. In our paper we confront this traditional view of Newton–Cartan gravity with a different approach that starts from the Bargmann algebra, a centrally extended version of the Galilei algebra. This approach emphasizes the analogy with the formulation of general relativity as a gauge theory of the Poincaré algebra. The algebraic method suggests a number of generalizations, for instance to conformal algebras, and to the Newton–Hooke algebra, which would lead to classical gravity induced by nonrelativistic strings.’

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Classical and Quantum Gravity