Call for nominations: fellows of the GRG Society

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The International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation has instituted Fellowships to recognize its outstanding members. In a steady state we expect the total number of Fellows to constitute approximately 10% of the membership. To reach this goal and to ensure that younger members of our Society are also elected in the initial rounds, the following procedure will be used:

i) Fellows will be elected once every three years, prior to the GRG conferences. For the first two rounds (GR19 and GR20), at least half of the number of Fellows elected in any one round should be of 45 years or less of age on the day the conference begins.

ii) The fellowship committee for GR20 will be asked to elect 10 fellows. Thereafter, the committees will elect approximately 1.5% of the members per 3-year cycle. The precise number for each round will be established at the prior GR meeting by the Executive Committee of the Society.

The primary criterion for election is excellence in research, especially the impact of candidate’s work on the development of our field. The candidate will be generally expected to have made additional contributions to the field, for example through service, and/or outreach, and/or books and monographs, etc. In exceptional cases such criteria could constitute the primary basis of nomination provided these activities have had influence on a significant portion of our community, not just the home institution of the candidate.

Nominations are due by December 31st, 2012. Any member of the Society can make nominations but self-nominations will not be considered. The nomination packet will consist of:

i) A letter summarizing the basis for nomination;
ii) An up-to-date CV and publication list of the nominee;
iii) 1 to 3 supporting letters from members of the Society, and,
iv) A proposed citation. Once made, the nomination will remain active for two additional rounds. Further details can be found at

Electronic nominations in the form of emailed PDF files are strongly preferred. The nomination PDF files should be sent to the Chair of the Fellowship committee, Clifford Will (cmw[AT]

If an electronic nomination is not possible, a single paper copy of the nomination should be mailed or faxed to Clifford Will at

Department of Physics, Campus Box 1105
Washington University
1 Brookings Drive
St. Louis MO 63130 USA
Fax: 1-314-935-9200

The elected Fellows will be inducted during the Business Meeting of the Society at GR 20 in Warsaw, 8 – 13 July, 2013.