49th Karpacz Winter School of Theoretical Physics: Cosmology and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics

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Date:  2013-02-10  -  2013-02-16

Location:  Ladek Zdroj, Poland

The recent studies of dark matter and dark energy problems rely on (independent) modifications of both sides of the Einstein equations in order to explain current cosmic acceleration. The winter school will concern with both sides of the Einstein equations. The Einstein tensor determines the energy-momentum tensor of a fluid. In general, the relativistic fluid is more complex than just an ideal fluid. At the conference the statistical mechanics of such fluids and their consequences for the large scale cosmic evolution will be discussed. The school will be held in the mountain resort in the south-west of Poland. This is a continuation of the tradition of the Karpacz Winter schools which were organized for almost half a century.

Conference website: http://www.ift.uni.wroc.pl/~karp49/