The Alájar meeting: “Stellar dynamics and growth of massive black holes“

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Date:  2013-09-16  -  2013-09-27

Location:  Alájar, Spain

We are organising a 2-weeks workshop with Roger Blandford, Julian Krolik, Tal Alexader, Bernard Schutz and Rainer Schoedel from Mon 16 September to Fri 27 September 2013 in Alajar (Andalusia), on “Stellar dynamics and growth of massive black holes”

The goal of the workshop is to address in detail crucial questions related to stellar dynamics and growth of massive black holes, as well as to build new collaborative relationships and strengthening existing ones- focused on the interpretation of upcoming gravitational wave observations using electromagnetic astrophysics as a tool of astronomical discovery and a probe of the fundamental physics of gravity.

The new information that is (and will be) obtained from current or future electromagnetic observations provides an opportunity to challenge and refine theoretical models of the growth of massive black holes and the environments in galactic nuclei and other dense clusters. Refinements in these models will have direct consequences for the expected science that can be done with gravitational wave observatories. This workshop will tie observations and theoretical models to future gravitational-wave and electromagnetic observations.

While Alajar is a perfect place to chill out and discuss about science, we unfortunately can offer right now a maximum of 30 places. We hope we will get more places, but this depends on how many people are willing to share a room. Also, since we will provide you with a very basic “office” (i.e. a table, chair, a socket and wifi), for the moment we will stick to 30 and will set a waiting list.

If you are interested, please fill in the application form at

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Pau, Roger, Julian, Tal, Bernard and Rainer