Chalonge School Turin Colloquium “Latest News from the Universe”, Turin, Italy

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Date:  2013-04-06  -  2013-03-26

Location:  Turin, Palazzo Lascaris, Regional Council hq of the Piamonte Region, Italy

Highlights and recent results in advanced physics, cosmology and astrophysics research are discussed in an unified scientific framework together with the future perspectives. The spirit of the Colloquium is in keeping with the Chalonge School’s emphasis on astro-fundamental physics, putting together real cosmological and astrophysical data and physical theory predictive approach in the framework of the New Standard Model of the Universe. Recent results in particle physics, neutrino physics and LHC are also presented.


From the WMAP9 results to the Planck and LHC results: Scientific lessons and scientific results. Status of the Standard Model of the Universe: inflation theory, warm dark matter and sterile neutrinos, dark energy: the quantum cosmological vacuum. High energy astrophysics and particle physics from Space. Neutrinos. Speakers: Roberto Battiston, Giovanni Bignami, Hector de Vega, Attilio Ferrari, Piero Galeotti, Nadia Pastrone, Norma G. Sanchez, and other lecturers.

Open sessions will also take place in the framework of the Colloquium.
Organized by INFN-Torino, INAF-OATo, Centro Unesco Torino