Black Holes IX – Theory and Mathematical Aspects, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Date:  2013-05-12  -  2013-05-16

Location:  Saskatchewan, Canada

Black Holes IX – Theory and Mathematical Aspects
University of Saskatchewan, CANADA
May 12, 2013 – May 16, 2013

Invited Speakers (in alphabetical order):

Ivan Booth
Ramin Daghigh
Saurya Das
Rainer Dick
Valeri Frolov
Jack Gegenberg
David Hobill
Viqar Husain
Gabor Kunstatter
Kayll Lake
Robert Mann
Don Page
Kristin Schleich
Rafael Sorkin
William Unruh
Ethan Vishniac

Black Holes IX-Theory & Mathematical aspects will be held in Saskatoon, SK, Canada from May 12 (arrival date) to May 16 (departure time), 2013. This conference is the 9th conference on the Theory and Mathematical aspects of Black Holes held every two years in Canada. We are encouraging graduate students to attend and present their research in the meeting.

The meeting covers a wide variety of topics such as exact black hole solutions of Einstein’s equations in higher and lower dimensions, the search for and properties of astrophysical black holes, uniqueness theorems, black hole thermodynamics, dark matter and dark energy, loop-quantum gravity and string-theoretic approaches to black hole physics, gauge-gravity duality, numerical studies of black hole collisions, gravitational wave production in systems containing black holes, and critical gravitational collapse.