Chalonge School Autumn Open Session of Scientific Culture 2013

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Chalonge School Autumn Open Session of Scientific Culture
Title: “Interdisciplinarity and Latest news of the Universe anticipated”

Thursday 28 November, at the Observatoire de Paris, in the historic Perrault building, will take place the Autumn session of scientific culture of the International Astrophysical School Daniel Chalonge.

This session provides salient findings of the 2013 program and a preview of the program for the year 2014. It is open to all interested parties: specialists and non-specialists, students, mediators and journalists. It brings together researchers from different disciplines and various personalities.

The program:

– The statement of the standard model of the universe: what the data tell us and what they continue to tell: understanding the physics and the direction in which the data are pointing.
– The latest scientific anticipated news of the universe, dark matter, galaxies, black holes, dark energy, sterile neutrinos.
– Linguistic and epistemology in science communication
– Missions in extreme environments
– Science and technology: information, memory, history.
– Daniel Chalonge (1897-1977): from the Observatoire de Paris to the IAP.
– Jean Prouve’ (1901-1984): from Nancy to the Observatoire de Paris and the OHP.
– Man Ray (1890-1976) “at the time of the Observatory”
– Erwin Blumenfeld (1897-1969) at the Jeu de Paume.
– The Blumenfeld family at the Ecole Daniel Chalonge.


Nadia Charbit Blumenfeld (medical doctor, doctor in sciences, grand daughter of Erwin Blumenfeld, Paris) and
Henry Blumenfeld (CEA emerite physicist, son of Erwin Blumenfeld, Gif- sur-Yvette), Hector J. Vega (Director of Research at CNRS -UPMC LPTHE and LERMA , Observatoire de Paris, Paris), Jaime Helios (Linguist, epistemologist, doctor in comparative literature University of Paris-Sorbonne, Paris), Norma G. Sanchez (Director of Research at CNRS, Observatoire de Paris LERMA, director of the International School Daniel Chalonge, Paris), François Sevre (Engineer at the IAP, Paris), Alba Zanini (physicist at the INFN-Turin, Ambassador of the City of Turin for science and culture, Turin)

And others speakers ….


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With compliments and kind regards
Norma G. Sanchez, Hector J. de Vega