New books: Two Volumes from the Prague conference “Relativity and Gravitation—100 years after Einstein in Prague”

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”Relativity and Gravitation–100 years after Einstein in Prague”, was the name of the conference held in Prague on June 25-29, 2012, inspired by the title, date, and significance of the last of Einstein’s Prague papers. The aim of the conference was to review the present status of the general theory of relativity (both classical and quantum) and its applications in cosmology and astrophysics from a broad perspective. The second aim was to present the newest results in each of these fields.

The first volume “General Relativity, Cosmology and Astrophysics–Perspectives 100 years after Einstein’s stay in Prague” (J. Bicak and T. Ledvinka eds.) is included in the Springer series Fundamental Theories of Physics, No. 177.

The articles included in this Volume represent a broad and highly qualified view on the present state of general relativity, quantum gravity, and their cosmological and astrophysical implications. As such, it may serve as a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for experts in these fields, as well as an advanced source of information for young researchers. The contents are divided into four broad parts: (i) Gravity and Prague, (ii) Classical General Relativity, (iii) Cosmology and Quantum Gravity, and (iv) Numerical Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics. Approaching soon the centenary of Einstein’s famous theory, this volume offers a precious overview of the path done by the scientific community in this field in the last century, defining the challenges of the next 100 years.

The second volume “Relativity and Gravitation–100 Years After Einstein in Prague”, (J. Bicak and T. Ledvinka eds.) is included in the Springer Proceedings in Physics, No. 157.

This volume includes abstracts of the plenary talks (contained in the first volume) and 82 full texts of contributed talks and articles based on the posters presented at the conference. These describe primarily original results of the authors from 31 countries. The contents are divided into three broad parts: (i) Classical General Relativity, (ii) Cosmology and Relativistic Astrophysics, and (iii) Quantum Fields and Quantum Gravity.

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