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News from the Ecole Internationale Daniel Chalonge-Hector de Vega

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4. Agenda 2016


All presentaions of the Open Automn Session Cosmic News held the 26 November 2015 at Paris Observatory are available on line here:

Contents: Introduction to the Session and Tribute to Hector de Vega.
-The Nobel prize of Physics 2015 and Neutrinos.
-Impact of Cosmic Rays on Clima : A new approach to climate studies?
-Signatures and Constraints on Warm Dark Matter: star formation, 21 cm line, primeval galaxies.
-Bruno Pontecorvo: pionnering work on neutrinos
-Warm Dark Matter and sterile neutrinos. The crises of cold dark matter and of its baryonic cures, the crises of Wimps.
-Science in face to conflicts of interests and technocracy : Quo Vadis Science ?

– Compte rendu de la Session par Jean-Pierre Martin, SAF President de la Commission Cosmologie



All presentations of the year 2015 in honor of Hector de Vega, workshops, symposia, open sessions, Chalonge medal and albums of photos are available online here:

4. AGENDA 2016 :

24 MARCH 2016: Open Session Cosmic News and openning of the Programme 2016 Hector de Vega , Paris
19 MAY 2016: Open interdisciplinary Session News from the Universe and Warm Dark Matter, Paris
15-17 JUNE 2016 Meudon, CIAS: Meudon Chalonge de Vega Workshop 2016 on WDM, historic Meudon castle
20-22 JULY2016 in Paris: Chalonge de Vega 19th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2016, historic Perrault building
22 JULY 2016 in Paris: Summer Open Session on scientific culture: A surprise Session, historic Perrault building
13-16 OCTOBER 2016: Chalonge de Vega Turin Session 2016, Palazzo Lascaris and Accademia delle delle Scienze,Turin
OCTOBER 2016: Round table: Quo Vadis Science ? Cite Internationale Universitaire, Paris
25 NOVEMBER 2016: Open Automn Session : Highlights and Conclusions 2016 and pre view of the Hector de Vega Programme 2017, Paris

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