II Flag Meeting “The Quantum and Gravity”, Trento, Italy

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Date:  2016-06-06  -  2016-06-08

Location:  Physics Department, Trento, Italy

We are pleased to announce that the the second meeting organised by the I.N.F.N. research network FLAG (FieLds And Gravity) will be held in the department of Physics of the University of Trento (Italy), on the 6-7-8 of June, 2016.

The Flag Research Network is devoted to the study of the theoretical aspects of the gravitational interactions with application to cosmology and black holes.

The aim of the II Flag Meeting is to bring together researchers working in the areas of scientific interest of the network, in particular to present new ideas and stimulate discussion of topics, which are at the frontier of modern physics.

The preliminary list of invited speakers include:

N, Bartolo, Università di Padova and INFN, Italy
X. Calmet, Sussex University, United Kingdom
S. Capozziello, Università Federico II, Napoli, Italy
A. Codello, Southern Denmark U. and CP3-Origins, Denmark
G. Dvali, LMU, Max Planck, NYU, Germany
M. Maggiore, U. Geneve, Switzerland
T. Morris, Michigan State University, USA
P. Nicolini, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Germany
N. Pavloff, L.P.T.M.S., Université Paris-Sud and CNR, France
A. Starobinsky, Landau Institute, Russia
F. Vidotto, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands

A special event will be held at the Science Museum (MUSE) on Tuesday 7th of June, where Prof. S. Capozziello will deliver a public talk, followed by the social dinner in the same venue. We have organised also a special guided tour of MUSE for the participants.

There is no registration fee but the number of registrants is limited to about 60 persons. Lunch and social dinner are offered.

For further information, please contact any member of the Local Organising Committee:

– Rinaldi, Massimiliano
– Zerbini, Sergio
– Vanzo, Luciano
– Cognola, Guido