Universe: Special Issue “F(R) Gravity”

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Dear Colleagues,

F(R) gravity plays a prominent role in the description of gravitational phenomena at large and astrophysical scales. Among the various modified gravity proposals, the F(R) gravity framework is the conceptually simplest generalization of Einstein’s gravity, and has attracted the interest of many cosmologists. In this special issue, the focus will be on applications of F(R) gravity at large and astrophysical scales. We aim to highlight a plethora of theoretical proposals that find explanation in the context of F(R) gravity, both in cosmology and in astrophysics. In view of the current observational data and also due to the upcoming observations, this issue aims to gather all the up to date facts with regard to F(R) gravity applications. All the above problems maybe also be considered in frames of other modified gravities, like modified Gauss-Bonnet gravity, string-inspired theory, teleparallel gravity, Born-Infeld type gravity or non-minimal modified gravity.

Dr. Vasilis K. Oikonomou
Prof. Dr. Sergei D. Odintsov
Guest Editors