Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory (PIRT-2019), Moscow, Russia

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International Conference “Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory” (PIRT-2019), Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia, 1 – 5 July , 2019, organized by Bauman University (Russia) and University of Liverpool (Great Britain).

The objectives of this conference are the same as those pursued in the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory (PIRT) conferences which have been held in Imperial College, London, every two years since 1988. These objectives are the physical, geometrical, and mathematical interpretations of the formal structure of Relativity Theory, and to examine the questions concerning the various interpretations of the accepted mathematical expression of the Relativity Principle.

The Conference Program of the Moscow PIRT-2019 will include papers dealing with the following major themes:
– Gravitation, cosmology and large-scale structure;
– Gravitational waves and experimental tests of the relativity theory;
– Space-time, topology and differential geometry;
– Relativistic electrodynamics;
– High energy astrophysics;
– Nature and models of physical vacuum.

Anatoly Aleksandrov, Bauman University, Russia
Barry Barish, California Institute of Technology, the United States
Aroonkumar Beesham, University of Zululand, South Africa
David Blair, University of South Western Australia, Australia
Anatol Cherepashchuk, Sternberg Astronomical Institute Moscow University, Russia
Alexander Chernikov, Bauman University, Russia
Sergei Chervon, Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University, Russia
Naresh Dadhich, IUCAA, PUNE, India
John Dainton, Liverpool University, Great Britain
Vladimir Gladyshev, Bauman University, Russia
Georgii Izmailov, Moscow Aviation Institute, Russia
Nikolay Kardashev, Astro Space Center of P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS, Russia
Louis Kauffman, University of Illinois at Chicago, the United States
Richard Kerner, University Pierre et Marie Curie, France
Vassily Manturov, Bauman University, Moscow State University, Russia
Bivudutta Mishra, BITS-Pilani, India
Andrey Morozov, Bauman University, Russia
Nicola Napolitano, INAF Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte, Italy
Guido Pizzella, University of Rome, Italy
Konstantin Postnov, Sternberg State Astronomical Institute, Moscow State University, Russia
Vladislav Pustovoit, Russian Academy of Science, Bauman University, Russia
Carlos Romero, Universidade Federal da Paraiba, Departamento de Fisica, Brazil
Peter Rowlands, University of Liverpool, the United Kingdom
Valentin Rudenko
, Sternberg State Astronomical Institute, Moscow State University, Russia
Mikhail Sazhin, Sternberg State Astronomical Institute, Moscow State University, Russia
Alexei Starobinsky, Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russia
Sergey Sushkov, Kazan Federal University, Russia
Roland Triay, Centre de Physique Théorique CNRS – Aix- Marseille University, France
Nina Tyannikova, Bauman University, Russia
Rainer Weiss, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the United States

Postal Communications may be sent to the Secretary of PIRT-2019 Organizing Committee preferably by e-mail to Dr. Nina D. Tyannikova (dekan-fn[AT]
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