Kavli Institute Fellow in Gravitational Waves at the University of Cambridge, UK

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Deadline:  2018-11-01

Location:  Cambridge, UK

Fixed-term: The funds for this post are available for 5 years in the first instance.
In a new collaborative initiative, three University of Cambridge departments conducting research activities related to ‘Gravitational Waves’, the Cavendish Laboratory, Institute of Astronomy (IoA ) and Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), are offering a senior Fellowship in Gravitational Wave theory and Astronomy, to be conducted within the Kavli Institute for Cosmology located within the IoA (West Cambridge).

The senior Kavli Fellow will actively interface and foster collaboration between the three departments (DAMTP, IoA, Cavendish). Specific areas of research include multi messenger astrophysics with GW sources, tests of general relativity through GW observations, the use of LIGO observations to study the formation history of black holes, GW data analysis techniques and template construction, studies of the equation of state through electromagnetic and GW observations of neutron stars and GW source modeling including electromagnetic counterparts.

Applicants must be experienced researchers and have a PhD in Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy or a related field and a proven track record of independent research in one, or more, of the above mentioned or related fields. The fellowship is targeted at researchers who have the potential to become leaders in their fields. The successful applicant will be expected to conduct a programme of independent research, prepare or contribute to proposals to secure research resources (for example access to high-performance computing), write scientific articles for publication in peer reviewed journals and contribute to the supervision of graduate students and outreach as requested by the Director of the Kavli Institute. Applicants must have excellent communication and computing skills.