GRAV19, Cordoba, Argentina

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Date:  2019-04-08  -  2019-04-12

Location:  Cordoba, Argentina

We are pleased to announce that the conference Grav19 will be held in the city of Cordoba (Argentina), from April 8th through April 12nd, 2019.

This is the eighth in a series (“GravYY”) of conferences organized by the General Relativity and Gravitation Group at FaMAF (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba) since Year 2006. The venue will be the auditorium of FaMAF.

The conference is intended to bring together specialists working on gravitation and closely related topics, including classical and quantum gravity, data analysis, machine learning, mathematical relativity, numerical relativity, gravity in arbitrary dimensions, astrophysics and astro-particle physics.

For more information, visit the conference’s web page.