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Date: 2019-10-01 - 2019-10-04
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

2019 TGWG Conference, Taipei, Taiwan

Due to the recent discoveries of gravitational wave from aLIGO/VIRGO observations, gravitational wave physics, and the related topics on black holes, neutron stars, quantum optics and dark matters have become the important portal to exploring the deep mysteries of our Universe.

Regarding this, we hold this conference to bring local community in Taiwan both basics and advances of the topics, and hope to inspire the young generations to devote to gravitational wave physics.

Invited Speakers:
Luc Blanchet (IAP)
Kostas Kokkotas (Tubingen University)
James Lattimer (Stony Brook University)
Yosuke Mizuno (Frankfurt University)
Tsvi Piran (Hebrew University)
Riccardo Sturani (IIP)
John Veitch (University of Glasgow)

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