Minisymposium on Mathematical Perspectives on General Relativity at the Annual DMV meeting 2019, Karlsruhe Germany

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Date:  2019-09-24  -  2019-08-27

Location:  Karlsruhe, Germany

Dear all,

We would like to announce the Minisymposium on Mathematical Perspectives on General Relativity, which will be held as part of the Annual DMV Meeting in Karlsruhe Germany from September 23- September 26 2019.

The Minisymposium will take place on Tuesday, September 24 in the morning session from 10-12am and in the afternoon session from 4-6pm.

The speakers are: Ye Sle Cha, David Fajman, Alexander Friedrich, Gregory J. Galloway, Melanie Graf, Sophia Jahns, David Maxwell, Martin Reiris

Everyone is welcome! For registration refer to the main website of the DMV meeting.

Best regards,
Carla Cederbaum and Jan Metzger