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Ginsburg Landau Inflation News with Grand Unification and its predictions for the CMB and Large Scale Structures.
Daniel Chalonge Medal and Hector de Vega Medal 2020.
Hubble’s constant and Dark Energy at the center of cosmology. Information Sciences, science linguistics and scientific creativity. And that is not all (quote from Henri Poincare’) …

– Symposium in Celebration of E. Margaret Burbidge.
Report and AAS Video of the event:

– The Hubble – Constant Channel

– Daniel Chalonge Medal and Hector de Vega Medal 2020: The two medals are awarded this year to Dr Adam G. Riess (Johns Hopkins University and SSTI, Baltimore) Nobel Prize in Physics in Cosmology. The medals are awarded for his contribution to the discovery of dark energy, to its interpretation as a cosmological constant and to his continuous results on the Hubble constant. Information on the conference event and medal presentation will be announced.

– Hommage to Olivier Le Fevre.

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– Quantum Universe, H0 and Dark Energy Visioconference by Norma Sanchez

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– Constraints on dynamical dark energy models from the abundance of massive high redshift galaxies Visioconference by Nicola Menci

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– News on Ginsburg-Landau Inflation and Grand Unification for and from the next CMB and LSS observations:

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And that is not all (quote from Henri Poincare’)…

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