2020 Giulio Rampa Thesis Prize for Outstanding Research in General Relativity

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We are pleased to announce that the 2020 Giulio Rampa Thesis Prize for outstanding research in General Relativity will be presented to Dr. Tommaso De Lorenzo.

The committee consisting of Profs. Lars Andersson, Mauro Carfora, Gerhard Huisken, Luciano Rezzolla, Fulvio Ricci prepared the following laudatio:

“…Dr. De Lorenzo’s thesis, “Black holes as a Gateway to Quantum: Classical and Semi-classical Explorations” masters an impressive range of topics in quantum gravity, providing novel insights into deep conceptual problems of classical and quantum black holes physics. The fresh point of view discussed by Tommaso De Lorenzo has already influenced several existing approaches to analyze black hole evaporation and it will certainly continue to have an impact on the subject. It is a pleasure to see a Ph.D. thesis accomplish such a feat in a research field where one has to master a very large body of ideas in differential geometry, general relativity and quantum field theory and make real progress…”

The prize is sponsored by The University of Pavia and by the Italian Society for Relativity and Gravitational Physics (SIGRAV) to honor the memory of Giulio Rampa and is given, every two years, to a graduate student for outstanding research in general relativity. The prize has been established in 2011, and is endowed under the terms of a donation from Nadia and Giorgio Rampa.

Each GRT prize carries a certificate and a net check for EUR 2,000. The prizes will be presented to Tommaso De Lorenzo at the 24th edition of the “Italian Society for General Relativity and Gravitation (SIGRAV) Conference” to be held at Urbino, Italy, in September 2021 (the planned 2020 conference moved to 2021 as a consequence of the Covid19 pandemic). This is the biennial Conference of the Italian Society for General Relativity and Gravitation (SIGRAV) devoted to all aspects of gravitational physics. The Rampa Prize winner will have the opportunity to present his work during a special session of the conference. The winner will also be announced during the annual Honours Ceremony during the Inauguration of the Graduate Studies Academic Year 2020/2021 in Pavia.