First Cosmic Explorer Conference, online

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Date:  2020-10-26  -  2020-10-30

Location:  Online

The inaugural Cosmic Explorer (CE) meeting will be held remotely (over zoom) from October 26 to 30, 2020. The meeting will primarily consist of 90-minute discussion-panels that focus on topics ranging from the present status of the science case to the technical design of Cosmic Explorer, a next-generation ground-based gravitational wave detector that is in its early conceptual design stage. The plan is that each discussion panel will begin with an orientation talk followed by an extended panel discussion. There will be at most two discussion panels per day, one on instrumental science and one on the science goals. If you are interested in attending this meeting please register at:

We intend to cover a diverse set of topics, including key science goals and objectives; technical objectives and design choices for CE; computing requirements for CE; and project organization and planning. We are particularly interested in receiving community feedback on the science goals, and the organization of the collaboration.

The deadline for registration is October 20, 2020. We will send the connection details to the participants a few days before the meeting.

Cosmic Explorer Collaboration

09:00-10:30 am Eastern Time for science goals,
05:00-06:30 pm Eastern Time for instrument science