The 8th KAGRA International Workshop, Toward the 4th Observing Run of the Detector Network: From Physics to Astronomy (online)

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Date:  2021-07-07  -  2021-07-09

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First Announcement
The 8th KAGRA international workshop (KIW) will be held during July 7-9 2021. This workshop is hosted by the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI). KIW8 is a continuation of the effort to promote more active international collaboration on KAGRA, and is open to all scientists who are interested in contributing to the KAGRA project. This is the third KIW hosted by Korean gravitational wave community, after KIW1 in 2016 at KISTI, Daejeon and KIW4 at Ewha Womans University in Seoul. Because of the COVID-19, this meeting will be fully held remotely. The COVID-19 certainly slowed down overall scientific activities, but many progresses have been made even under such a stressful situation. In particular, the fourth observing run (O4) is planned to start sometime in 2022 without much delay and KAGRA will join this global efforts for hunting more gravitational wave events with better sensitivity and accuracy. Thus the main theme of this workshop will be O4.

We encourage researchers of both experiment and theory, especially of young generations, to make contributions and exchange the ideas at this KIW8. Please register at the meeting homepage by June 30, 2021. There is no registration fee.

Scientific Organizing Committee
Hyung Mok Lee (co-chair, SNU, Korea)
Hisaaki Shinkai (co-chair, OIT, Japan)
Hyung Won Lee (Inje Univ., Korea)
Ray-Kuang Lee (National Tsinghua Univ., Taiwan) Tatsuya Narikawa (ICRR, Japan)
John Oh (NIMS, Korea)
Takahiro Sawada (Osaka City Univ., Japan)
Nami Uchikata (ICRR, Japan)
Takafumi Ushiba (ICRR, Japan)
Helios Vocca (Perugia, Italy)
Zong-Hong Zhu (BNU, China)

Local Organizing Committee:
Sungho Lee (Chair, KASI, Korea) June Gyu Park (KASI, Korea) Soonkyu Je (KASI, Korea) Sang Hoon Oh (NIMS, Korea) Chang-Hee Kim (KAIST, Korea)

KAGRA Status
LIGO/Virgo Status
Future Detectors and Instrument
Data Analysis and Computing
Gravitational Wave Science Multi-messenger Astronomy
Special Session on Detector Characterization

Important Dates:
Abstract Submission: due May 31, 2021
Registration: due June 30, 2021
Oral and Poster Presentation File Submission: due July 4, 2021