EAS special session SS14: Gravitational Wave and Multi-messenger Astronomy, Valencia, Spain

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Date:  2022-06-27  -  2022-07-01

Location:  Valencia, Spain

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the special session SS14 about

“Gravitational Wave and Multi-messenger Astronomy: current results and future perspectives”

at the European Astronomical Society (EAS) Annual Meeting which will take place on 27 June – 1st July, in Valencia Spain.

The session (SS14) will focus on the emerging field of gravitational-wave and multi-messenger astronomy which has demonstrated a transformative potential for astrophysics and fundamental physics. An enormous amount of information has been gathered by the gravitational-wave detections made by the Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo interferometers. The next generation gravitational-wave detector Einstein Telescope (ET), thanks to its improved design, will explore the Universe through gravitational-waves along its cosmic history up to the cosmological dark ages. The session will cover i) the capabilities of present and future gravitational-wave and electromagnetic observatories, ii) the current observational results and iii) the science perspectives for the next generation of gravitational-wave observatories; the theoretical challenges that need to be undertaken from now to the ET era.

For more details please visit the SS14 website:

The EAS 2022 registration has opened:

We kindly invite your contributions. In addition to 7 invited talks our session will include about 10 contributed talks as well as ePosters.

To submit an abstract for an oral contribution or a poster:
(deadline 1st March)

Please circulate this announcement to all colleagues you may think could be interested.

Looking forward to seeing you in Valencia!

Marica Branchesi and Toni Font, on behalf of the SOC.