GRG Golden Oldies by Foures-Bruhat and Ehlers

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The Golden Oldies series of the journal General Relativity and Gravitation reprints important papers in general relativity theory that were published 30 or more years ago and are either hard to get hold of, or were originally printed in a language other than English.

Two new additions have been translated and republished in April 2022:

Foures-Bruhat, Y. Republication of: Existence theorem for the Einsteinian gravitational field equations in the non-analytic case. Gen Relativ Gravit 54, 35 (2022).

An editorial note by Demetrios Christodoulou and Richard Kerner is freely available at

Ehlers, J. Republication of: On the transition from wave optics to geometric optics in general relativity. Gen Relativ Gravit 54, 40 (2022).

An editorial note by Volker Perlick freely available at