Long-term Research Manager in Gravitational Waves, Leuven, Belgium

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Deadline:  2022-05-31

Location:  Leuven, Belgium

We are inviting applications for the position of a long-term research manager in gravitational waves.

This vacancy is an essential part of the new Gravitational Wave Initiative of the Department of Physics and Astronomy and of the Science, Engineering and Technology Group at KU Leuven, which brings together staff members and researchers from different research divisions around gravitational wave physics and engineering. The overarching goal of this Initiative is to expand and strengthen KU Leuven contributions to two international flagship missions in the field of gravitational waves: Einstein Telescope underground and the ESA/NASA Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, or LISA.

Research divisions at the Department of Physics and Astronomy heavily involved in this Initiative include the Institute of Astronomy, the Institute for Theoretical Physics, and the Laboratory for Semiconductor Physics, each of which are young and vibrant research groups comprising several dozens of scientists, engineers, and administrative staff. KU Leuven is also one of the founding partners of ETpathfinder, a new RandD Fieldlab based mostly in Maastricht, with a mirror coating component at KU Leuven, where some of the technology needed for future ground-based gravitational wave observatories will be developed.

– You assume the role of national project manager of the Belgian contributions to the LISA mission; You represent the Belgian LISA Consortium and report at international consortium management meetings;
– You coordinate funding proposals for the development and construction of LISA and ET instrumentation, including work package definitions and project and financial planning;
– You are the local project manager for KU Leuven LISA contributions. You bring together collaborators, coordinate research projects, and initiate and coordinate collaborations with industrial partners;
– You build bridges that strengthen the collaboration between the various research units involved in gravitational wave research activities both at KU Leuven and nationally, in the context of LISA and Einstein Telescope;
– You are encouraged to set up your own research line in a selected field of GW physics or engineering, ideally complementary with and strengthening the ongoing GW activities at KU Leuven;
– You apply for competitive grant funding to finance your research, build up your own research team, and supervise master and PhD students working in your field of expertise;
– You aim at excellence in your research and technology developments, publish in outstanding journals and present your work at the main conferences in your field;

– PhD degree in physics, astrophysics, engineering or a related field;
– Experience in gravitational wave instrumentation and/or research, or with other big science physics or astronomy facilities;
– Knowledge of or interest in a broad range of technologies and research fields relevant for gravitational wave instrumentation;
– Experience with quality standards required for space projects;
– Excellent communication skills and the affinity to interact fluently in international multicultural consortia;
– Strong organisational skills, a cooperative attitude and the ability to work independently;
– Experience with writing successful grant proposals 

Our offer:
– A full-time position with a contract of indeterminate duration in the research management staff category;
– A stimulating research-driven work environment where quality, professionalism and team spirit are valued and encouraged;
– Access to state-of-the art research infrastructure at KU Leuven, ETpathfinder, etc;
– Flexible working hours and teleworking;
– Various extra-legal benefits such as health insurance, commuting expenses when using public transport or bicycle, etc;
– All relevant work experience (public and private sector) is taken into account when determining seniority;

For more information please contact Prof. dr. Thomas Hertog, tel.: +32 16 32 72 46, mail: thomas.hertog[AT]kuleuven.be or Dr. Bart Vandenbussche, tel.: +32 16 32 75 31, mail: bart.vandenbussche[AT]kuleuven.be.