School: “Future Cosmology”, Cargese, France

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Date:  2023-04-23  -  2023-04-29

Location:  Cargese, France

Cosmology is at the dawn of a revolution in terms of the quantity and quality of observation data on large structures. During the next two years, the Euclid mission will be launched, the Vera Rubin observatory will have its first light, followed very closely by the SPHEREx and Nancy Roman space missions.

This thematic school of CNRS aims to provide a modern panorama on these new observatories, the different multi-wavelength probes on the physics of large scale structures, the rising tensions in cosmology, the problems caused by the influence of baryons and the opportunities provided by new multi-messengers approaches (e.g. gravitational waves).

For the above reasons, the school will cover aspects of photometric and spectroscopic galaxy catalogues, weak lensing of galaxies, cosmic microwave background (including the lensing of it), a presentation on Euclid, LSST and SPHEREx and tensions/opportunities in the combination of these datasets.

Participants will also be provided an overview on classical statistics computed on large scale structures to infer cosmological parameters, and new methods that are being developed.