Euregio Meuse-Rhine Gravitational Waves PhD School, Leuven, Belgium

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Date:  2024-11-04  -  2024-11-08

Location:  Leuven, Belgium

This new school is aimed primarily at beginning PhD (ca. 1st or 2nd year) and advanced MA students (although others are also welcome to apply).

The aim of this school is to give PhD students a chance to familiarize themselves with many aspects of GW science – including beyond their own research area – and to get to know their fellow GW students.

See the conference site for more information and registration.

Topics covered include theory, data analysis, and instrumentation:
– Maarten van de Meent (Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen): “The Relativistic Two-Body Problem”
– Sebastien Clesse (Universite’ Libre Bruxelles): “Cosmology with Gravitational Waves”
– Gregorio Carullo (Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen/University of Birmingham): “Logic with incomplete information: data analysis foundations, and applications to gravitational-waves observations”
– Henri Inchauspe (Universitaet Heidelberg / KU Leuven): “Data analysis for LISA”
– Joseph Martino (APC): “LISA Constellation Performance and Noise Budget”
– Joris van Heijningen (Vrije Universtiteit Amsterdam/Nikhef): “How to create a freely falling test mass?”

Registration is now open (until Oct 4th). Participation is free but does not include accommodations.
Please encourage your students to apply, especially the PhD students starting in the Fall!