junior scientist Andrejewski Days: 100 years of General Relativity

Dear colleagues,

we invite applications from junior scientists (graduate students and postdocs) for participation in the “junior scientist Andrejewski Days: 100 years of General Relativity”. The Andrejeweksi Days will take place in Brandenburg, Germany, from March 22nd through April 4th 2015. We would be grateful if you could forward this information to all junior scientists inside and outside your institution who might be interested in attending the workshop.

The deadline for application is December 7th 2014.

More information: www.math.uni-potsdam.de/grworkshop

Thank you very much and best regards,
Carla Cederbaum and Jan Metzger

NR/HEP 2 Spring School in Lisbon

The field lying at the interface between gravitational physics, high energy physics and numerical methods is experiencing a Golden Age. With various new numerical tools able to handle a variety of situations, a number of important problems can finally be addressed.

The NR/HEP 2 Spring School intends to communicate in an accessible way the new developments in the field of Numerical Relativity and its connection to gravitational and high energy physics.

The School will feature a small number of 2-3 hour talks by young leading experts in the field, in a manner appropriate for beginners in the field or anybody else wishing to understand how to perform a given numerical calculation. Extra material, such as routines and exercises will also be made available via the workshop webpage.

The school is open to a limited number of participants, please contact Vitor Cardoso (vitor.cardoso[AT]ist.utl.pt) if you wish to attend.

The NRHEP2 School will be held at Instituto Superior T├ęcnico (IST) in Lisbon, from 11-14 March 2013.

Vitor Cardoso, Andrea Nerozzi, Hirotada Okawa, Helvi Witek.

Editors of the write-up to be published in a special issue of IJMPA: Cardoso, Gualtieri, Herdeiro, Sperhake