The Dark Side of the Universe (DSU09)

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Location:  Melbourne

The Schools of Physics at Monash University and at the University of Melbourne will be hosting the 5th international workshop entitled “The Dark Side of the Universe” (DSU09) on 1-5 June 2009.

Recent observations suggest that about 95% of the Universe’s energy lies in a dark sector. The origin and microscopic composition of dark matter and dark energy are outstanding fundamental problems in physics, and may possibly find a resolution in new theories pointing beyond the standard models of particle physics and cosmology. The aim of DSU09 is to bring together experts of particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology to discuss the latest advances in the theoretical, phenomenological and experimental aspects of the field and related topics.

The topics of the workshop include:

* Various dark matter candidates
* Direct and indirect detection of dark matter and accelerator searches
* Dark matter distributions and modeling
* Nonstandard cosmology
* Origin of dark energy
* Experimental aspects of dark energy
* Ultra high energy cosmic rays and gamma ray bursts
* Neutrino physics
* Beyond the standard models

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Local DSU09 Organizing Committee:
Csaba Balazs
Nicole Bell
Michael Brown
Duncan Galloway
Tony Gherghetta
Raymond Volkas
Fei Wang