Postdoctoral Fellowship position, Hong Kong

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Deadline:  2024-07-15

Location:  Hong Kong

We invite applications for a Postdoctoral Fellowship Position at CUHK, Hong Kong. As part of our astrophysics and fundamental physics research effort, the CUHK gravity group specializes in gravity research and gravitational-wave observations, with a particular emphasis on connecting these observations with other branches of physics. Excellent applicants may be considered for University nomination to for the RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship (

Position Details:

* The position is for 2 years with the possibility of a 1-year extension.
* Offers generous travel funds and a highly competitive salary.
* The starting date is negotiable.

About the Group: As a part of the broader astrophysics and fundamental physics research effort at CUHK, the group focuses on gravitational waves – ripples in the fabric of space-time. These waves carry information about some of the most extreme objects in the Universe. Thanks to gravitational-wave detectors’ continued development, the current gravitational-wave detectors now make weekly detections when online. The CUHK group focuses on gravity research and gravitational-wave observations, particularly connecting GW observations to other branches of physics.

How to Apply: To apply, please send your CV and statement of purpose to Application Form, along with two reference letters to ( Additionally, please email Otto Akseli Hannuksela (otto.akseli.hannuksela[AT] after submitting the application.

Application Deadline: July 15.
Start date: Fall 2025
– The reason for the early deadline is that the RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship application will require an 7-page research proposal to be submitted 25th of August, including a two-page impact statement, four-page research plan, one-page figures/attachment, and two pages of references (see for more information).

The group has been a part of the LVK collaboration since 2016 and is led by Otto Akseli Hannuksela.

Contact Information: For inquiries, please get in touch with Otto Akseli Hannuksela (otto.akseli.hannuksela[AT]