Torino Cosmology Colloquium 2009

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Location:  Turin, Italy

The Torino Chalonge Colloquium 2009 “Latest News from the Universe”

George Smoot Nobel Prize of Physics and Daniel Chalonge Medal

Turin, 21-24 October 2009, at the magnificent and historical Palazzo Lascaris, headquarters of the Regional Council of Piemonte

On the occasion of the International Year of Astronomy and the 250th anniversary of the Astronomical Observatory of Torino, the Colloquium “LATEST NEWS FROM THE UNIVERSE” will take place in Torino, with the participation of the 2006 Physics Nobel Prize laureate George Smoot. The spirit of the Colloquium will be in keeping with the Chalonge School’s emphasis on astro-fundamental physics, and the topics on recent observational and theoretical progress made in the CMB, dark matter, dark energy, along with recent satellite data regarding solar physics and space astrometry. The programme includes a special session open to the general public at the Turin Academy of Sciences, and a visit to the Turin Astronomical Observatory and its 250th Anniversary Exhibition.

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