Rapidly Rotating Neutron Star (RNS)

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RNS is a code written by Nikolaos Stergioulas which constructs models of rapidly rotating, relativistic, compact stars using tabulated equations of state which are supplied by the user. Please direct questions about this program to either Sharon Morsink or Nikolaos Stergioulas.

The code is based on the method developed by Komatsu, Eriguchi & Hachisu (1989) and modifications introduced by Cook, Shapiro & Teukolsky (1994). It can compute individual models as well as sequences of fixed mass, rest mass, angular velocity or angular momentum models. All models assume uniform rotation. You can read more about this code in Stergioulas and Friedman (1995) and in Nozawa, Stergioulas, Gourgoulhon & Eriguchi (1998) and references therein.