Dark Matter Workshop

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Location:  Florence, Italy

Dear Colleague,

We would like to announce the workshop “Dark Matter: Its Nature, Origin and Prospects for Detection”, to be held during the period April 26, 2010 to June 19, 2010, at the Galileo Galilei Institute (GGI) for Theoretical Physics in Florence, Italy: see www.fi.infn.it/GGI.

The first half of the workshop will be oriented towards astrophysical questions about dark matter: evidence for its existence, its origin and distribution in the universe, and direct and indirect detection. The mid-workshop period will have some focus on non-WIMP dark matter, such as axions. The latter half of the workshop will be more focused on what we can learn about dark matter from the LHC and other collider experiments. On average we expect about 20-25 participants present each week. The typical length of stay for attendees is for a period of 3-5 weeks. Note that GGI requires a minimum stay of 3 weeks.

In the middle of the workshop, on 17-21 May 2010, we will host a conference on all aspects of Dark Matter Physics, which will be open to a wider group of attendees, who can also come for shorter stays of several days to a week.

Florence is an attractive city, offering numerous opportunities to enjoy cultural and architectural wonders, along with one’s scientific interests. The GGI offers excellent working and housing conditions. Participants will be paid per diem support of 70 Euros per day which can be used for housing and meals. However, support for travel to and from Florence cannot be included.

The application for participating to the workshop is open at the GGI website until *** THE DEADLINE OF 30 September 2009: ***


After the deadline, the accepted participant will receive an official invitation from GGI, along with details about accommodation and per diem.

We hope to see you in Florence next spring.

Best regards,

Howie Baer
Laura Covi
Leszek Roszkowski
Piero Ullio