AIGO Conference: Project Plan and Science Benefits

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Location:  Perth, Australia

The Australian International Gravitational Observatory: Project Plan and Science Benefits
An International Conference to be held at the University of Western Australia and the Gingin Gravity Centre

Members of the LSC, Virgo and LCGT collaborations are invited to a special conference on the AIGO project on 22-24 February 2010.

The meeting follows the GWIC Roadmap recommendation #2:

“Recommendation – We recommend that GWIC organize a workshop to elucidate the scientific benefits of interferometers in Japan, Australia and possibly India, as a way to encourage further international support and recognition of the potential scientific contributions of these facilities as part of the global network of ground-based gravitational wave detectors”.

It was suggested at the July GWIC Meeting that the Australia-India Collaboration meeting already planned for February 2010 be extended to realise the above recommendation, particularly in regard to the AIGO Project.

With help and advice from those listed as the Organising Committee below, we have proceeded to plan this meeting. It will be held in our late summer, 22-24 Feb, followed by a 3-day excursion to explore the spectacular Wild Beaches of South Western Australia. Afterwards there will be a residential seminar on gravitational wave detector technology mainly for the benefit of our Indian colleagues and others who are new to the field.

Please see the draft program at AIGO web site

Registration details:

A registration fee of AUD$250.00 payable on arrival will include lunches, dinners and transport for the three day scientific program.

Organizing Committee:

Chair: Jesper Munch, Secretary: Pablo Barriga.

Members: Ju Li, Chunnong Zhao, David Coward, Jackie Davidson, Jean-Charles Dumas, Karsten Danzmann, Bala Iyer, Sanjeev Dhurandhar, C. S. Unnikrishnan, Jay Marx, David G. Blair, David E. McClelland, Susan M. Scott, Andrew Melatos, Catherine Nary Man, Zong-Hong Zhu