14th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2010

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Location:  Paris, France

Ecole Internationale d’Astrophysique Daniel Chalonge

The 14th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2010

The Standard Model of the Universe: Theory and Observations

George Smoot Nobel Prize of Physics and Daniel Chalonge Medal

Thursday 22, Friday 23 and Saturday 24 July 2010

at the parisian campus of Paris Observatory (HQ), in the historic Perrault building.

The Conference is within the astrofundamental physics spirit of the Chalonge School, on recent observational and theoretical progress on the CMB, Inflation, astrophysical dark matter, dark ages, dark energy, and the theory of the early universe with predictive power.

In summary, the aim of the meeting is to put together real cosmological data and hard theory predictive approach connected to them in the framework of the Standard Model of the Universe.

Topics: Observational and theoretical progress in the CMB, astrophysical dark matter, dark energy, dark ages. Large and small scale structure formation. Inflation in connection with the CMB and LSS data, slow roll and fast roll inflation, quadrupole suppression and initial conditions, low CMB multipoles. CMB polarization. Neutrinos in cosmology.

The Meeting is open to all scientists interested in the subject. All Informations about the meeting and registration to it are displayed at:


Early Registration is strongly encouraged

The format of the Meeting is intended to allow easy and fruitful mutual contact and communication.

Sessions last for full three days in the beautiful parisian campus of Observatoire de Paris (built on orders from Colbert and to plans by Claude Perrault from 1667 to 1672). All sessions take place in the historic Perrault building (“Bâtiment Perrault”) of Observatoire de Paris HQ, under the portraits of Laplace, Le Verrier, Lalande, Arago, Delambre and Louis XIV.

An exhibition will retrace the 19 years of activity of the Chalonge School and George Smoot participation to the School along these 19 years.

Informations on the previous Paris Cosmology Colloquia and of the school events are available at http://chalonge.obspm.fr (lecturers, lists of participants, lecture pdf files and photos during the Colloquia).

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