GR19: Second Announcement

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Location:  Mexico City, Mexico

This is the second announcement of the 19th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (GR19) that will take place in Mexico City on July 5-9, 2010. The web page is already available at:
Registration and abstract submission are already open. By March 15, 2010 the number of registered participants was 217 and we had received 68 abstracts. We invite you to register and submit your contributions as soon as possible.

We would like to remind you that the LOC is aware of security concerns, and is taking several steps to address this issue. The venue of GR19 is located in a touristic and business area in Mexico City. We will provide all the participants with information regarding cities and regions in Mexico that are not recommended for visitors at this time.

Members of the International Society of General Relativity and Gravitation should consider that reduced registration fee (470 USD, or 420 USD before May 15) will be available only up to June 11, 2010. After this date the late registration fee (550 USD) will be applied.

Limited funds may be available to provide partial support to those who otherwise would be unable to attend GR19. Participants who can demonstrate that they require support to attend the conference should apply via e-mail to the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) at: gr19mexico[AT] Partial financial aid is available in the form of reduction of registration fees, travel expenses support, or accommodation support. Applications must be received not later than April 30, and must include a brief CV, recommendation letter from the institution and, for students, copy of a valid student ID and a recommendation letter from the advisor. Applications for financial support must be well justified. Applicants should describe what other sources of funding would be available to them, since any support which can be provided by the LOC will not be sufficient by itself to cover the entire conference costs.

April 30 Deadline for abstract submission
May 15 Deadline for early registration
June 11 ISGRG-members’ deadline for reduced-fee registration
July 4 Arrival of participants and registration
July 5-9 Scientific and social program of GR19

We will be honored to welcome you as guests in this great country of ours.


Hernando Quevedo
On behalf of the LOC