2nd Galileo-Xu Guangqi Meeting (second announcement)

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Location:  Nice, France

Dear Colleagues,

The 2nd Galileo-XuGuangqi meeting follows the 1st meeting of this series held on October 2009 in Shanghai. We plan to continue the format of this meeting addressing topics generally related to Relativistic Astrophysics and theoretical and observational topics. The aim is to enlarge the audience from the one strictly Chinese and Italian to one embracing European and western scientific interests and the Eastern ones. In this sense a broader participation from Korea and Taiwan has been encouraged, as well as a participation of scientists from Europe and the Americas. The goal is to create once a year a forum for strategic exchanges between eastern and western Science at the highest level.

The 2nd “Galileo – Xu Guanqi meeting” will be held July 12 – 17, 2010 at the University of Nice – Sophe Antipolis and at Villa Ratti, Nice (France), where a new ICRANet Center is going to be inaugurated in the month of July.

The preliminary program is:

Monday – July 12
Topics: Black Holes, Neutron Stars and Dark Matter
Chairs: David Arnett and Zhang Chengmin

The preliminary list of contributors will include:

Belinski Vladimir– ICRANet, Pescara – Italy
Bini Donato – CNR, Rome – Italy
Cherubini Christian– Campus Biomedico, Rome – Italy
Geralico Andrea– University of Rome, Italy
Han Wenbiao– University of Rome, Italy
Kerr Roy P. – ICRANet. Italy
Kim Sang Pyo – Kunsan National University, Kunsan – Korea
Kim Sung-Won – Ewha Womans University, Seoul – Korea
Lee Chul Hoon – Hanyang University, Seoul – Korea
Lee Da-Shin – Taiwan DongHwa University, Hualien – China
Lee Hyun Kyu – Hanyang University, Seoul – Korea
Ng K-W – Academia Sinica, Taipei – China
Pugliese Daniela– University of Rome, Italy
Rotondo Michael– University of Rome, Italy
Rueda Jorge A.– Universiry of Rome, Italy
Ruffini Remo – ICRANet and University of Rome, Italy
Sasaki Misao – Osaka University, Toyonaka – Japan
Vissani Francesco–Gran Sasso National Laboratories, Assergi – Italy
Xia Xiaoyang– Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin – China
Xue She-Sheng – ICRANet, Physics Department, University of Rome, Italy
Zhang Chengmin – Beijing Observatory, Beijing – China

Tuesday – July 13
Topics: Large Scale Structure and Early Universe
Chairs: Jaan Einasto and Houjun Mo

The preliminary list of contributors will include:

Aksenov Alexey – Inst. for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow – Russia
Chen Xuelei – Beijing Observatory, China
Fang Li-Zhi – University of Arizona, Tucson – USA
Feng Longlong – Purple Mountain Observatory, Nanjing – China
Funes José – Specola Vaticana, Città del Vaticano – Italy
Gao Liang – Beijing Observatory, China
Harutyunian Haik – Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, Armenia
Lattanzi Massimiliano – University of Rome, Italy
Lee Bum-Hoon – Sogang University, Seoul – Korea
Lee Hyung Won – Inje University, Gimhae – Korea
Lee Wolung – National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei – China
Mo Houjun – University of Massachusetts, USA
Novello Mario – CBPF, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
Siutsou Ivan – University of Rome, Italy
Song Doo Jong – Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Daejeon – Korea
Vereshchagin Gregory – ICRANet, Pescara – Italy
Wu Xiang-Ping – Beijing Observatoty, China
Yang Xiaohu – Shanghai Observatory, China
Yang Zhang – University of Science and Technology of China, Hofei – China

Wednesday – July 14
Topics: Gravitational theory, gravitational waves and precision tests of General Relativity
Chairs: François Mignard and Zhaozhong Wang

The preliminary list of contributors will include:

Everitt Francis – Stanford University, USA
Mester John – Stanford University, USA
Pisin Chen – National Taiwan University, Taipei – China
Sigismondi Costantino – University of Rome, Italy
Zhaozhong Wang – Institut de Physique of Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris – France

Thursday – July 15
Topics: Gamma Ray Bursts and Ultra High Energy Sources
Chairs: Michael Boer and Dai Zigao

The preliminary list of contributors will include:

Aharonian Felix – Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Ireland and Max Planck Institut fur Kernphysis, Germany
Amati Lorenzo – INAF – IASF, Bologna – Italy
Bianco Carlo Luciano – University of Rome and ICRANet, Italy
Caito Letizia – University of Rome, Italy
Capaccioli Massimo – University of Naples, Italy
Chardonnet Pascal – University of Savoie, France
Chincarini Guido – University of Milan, Italy
Dai Zigao – Nanjing University, China
De Barros Gustavo – University of Rome, Italy
Della Valle Massimo – INAF Napoli and ICRANet, Pescara – Italy
Frontera Filippo – University of Ferrara, Italy
Guidorzi Christian – University of Ferrara, Italy
Izzo Luca – University of Rome, Italy
Patricelli Barbara – University of Rome, Italy
Piran Tsvi – Racah Institute of Physics, Jerusalem – Israel
Rangel Lemos Juracy – University of Rome, Italy
Tavani Marco – INAF-IASF Roma, Italy

Friday – July 16
Topics: Scientific Space Missions and International Cooperations (Chinese-French-Italian)
Chairs: Filippo Frontera and Shuang-Nan Zhang

The preliminary list of contributors will include:

Braga Joao – INPE, Sao Paulo – Brazil
Costa Enrico – NAF Roma, Italy
Frontera Filippo – University of Ferrara, Italy
Hu Zhan – Beijing Observatory, China
Shuang-Nan Zhang – TsingHua University, Beijing – China
Wang Lifan – Texas A and M University, USA
Yu Gao – Purple Mountain Observatory, Nanjing – China

We encourage every scientist interested in the meeting to register online using the registration form that can be found on the webpage. The conference fee will be 350 Euros and it will cover coffee breaks, proceedings and the conference banquet.

After the Meeting, the IRAP Ph.D. Erasmus Mundus program will run a summer school, the “Second Bego Rencontres”, July 19 – 24, 2010 dedicated to graduate students and researchers.
See the webpages:

For any information, don’t hesitate to contact Pina Barbaro (Pina.BARBARO[AT]unice.fr) or Annapia Del Beato (annapia.delbeato[AT]icranet.org).

Li-Zhi Fang and Remo Ruffini,
Co-Chairs of the “2nd Galileo – Xu Guanqgi meeting”