High quality article in Classical and Quantum Gravity

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TITLE: Lost in translation: topological singularities in group field theory
AUTHORS: Razvan Gurau

It gives me great pleasure to notify you of the publication of the above article in Classical and Quantum Gravity. This article received very positive comments and a high quality rating from its referees. The article is available to download here: http://herald.iop.org/link/4107

Please find a summary of the developments made in this article below:

Random matrix models generalize in higher dimensions to Group Field Theories (GFTs) whose Feynman graphs are dual to gluings of simplices. In this paper we prove that the effective behavior of generic GFTs is dominated by singular graphs, not dual to normal simplicial pseudo manifolds. This very serious problem brings into question their viability as quantum field theories. We prove however that, fortunately, the recently introduced “colored” GFT models circumvent this problem, generating only graphs dual to pseudo manifolds. We conclude that they are the correct starting point for the study of GFTs as quantum field theories.

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Classical and Quantum Gravity