Research positions in Geometric Analysis and Gravitation at the AEI

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Location:  Potsdam, Germany

The Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) will fill research positions in the areas

Mathematical Relativity
Geometric Analysis

Research programs concern the mathematical foundations of general relativity and related physical theories, they are based in analysis, geometry and numerical analysis. In particular, nonlinear partial differential equations are a common theme of our research.

The Einstein field equations model both the behavior of global cosmological models and of isolated gravitating systems such as stars, black holes and galaxies. Our research addresses the qualitative and quantitative properties of solutions with respect to their local and global behavior, singularity formation and numerical simulation and investigates the close correspondence between geometrical structures and physical concepts. Other field equations arise from string theory and the consideration of matter in modern mathematical models in elasticity, fluids, electromagnetism and gauge theories.

Several mathematical projects are concerned with the geometrical structure of space and time. They involve geometrical variational principles characterizing specific models in geometry and physics as well as geometric evolution equations like the mean curvature flow of surfaces and the Ricci-flow of Riemannian metrics.

There are close interactions with the research sections “Astrophysical Relativity” and “Quantum Gravity and Unified Theories” in the Albert Einstein Institute, as well as with the universities in Berlin and Potsdam.

Postdoctoral appointments typically are for two years, starting September 2011 or earlier.

A limited number of PhD-scholarships is available, compare also the website of our “International-Max-Planck-Research-School”, .

To apply please submit a curriculum vitae, list of publications and statement of research interests, and arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent to <anne.lampe[AT]>