IRAP PhD and Erasmus Mundus Workshop on: Recent News from the GeV and TeV Gamma-Ray Domains: Results and Interpretations

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Location:  Pescara, Italy

This workshop is jointly organized by ICRANet, the Universities of Rome “Sapienza” and “Tor Vergata” and the Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik (Heidelberg), within the Erasmus Mundus Doctorate Program. The main topics discussed will be UHE, Extreme Astrophysical Accelerators, AGN, Galactic Center, Black Holes, Blazars, Gamma-Ray and Neutrino Signatures, Supermassive Black Holes, FERMI LAT data, SNRs, Cyg X-3 and Cyg X-1, Big Surprises from the Crab Nebula, AGILE data on SNRs, SNR Gamma-Cygni.

Lecturers include:
Aharonian Felix – The Nature’s perfectly designed Extreme Accelerators, Barkov Maxim – Particle acceleration and gamma-ray production in AGN initiated by the jet-star interactions, Jones Dave – Multiwavelength studies of the Galactic Center, Kafexhiu Ervin – Excitation and destruction of nuclei in hot astrophysical plasmas around black holes, Lefa Eva – Time-dependent modeling of the energy spectra of gamma-ray blazars, Prosekin Anton – Gamma-ray and neutrino signatures of sources of 1020 eV cosmic rays, Rieger Frank – Particle acceleration and gamma-ray production in the vicinity of supermassive black holes. The case of M87, Ruizhi Yang – The study of extended gamma-ray sources based on the FERMI LAT data

Ruffini Remo – GRBs and Supernovae: common conceptual issues, Benedetti Alberto – On the frequency of plasma oscillations in the pair plasma generated by a strong electric field, Bianco Carlo Luciano – The canonical GRB scenario, Caito Letizia – The case of disguised short GRBs, De Barros Gustavo – The case of GRB 050509B, Fraga Machado De Oliveira Bernardo – Cosmological Constraints on inos masses and quantum statistic, Han Wenbiao – Electron-positron pair oscillation in spatially inhomogeneous electric fields and radiation, Izzo Luca – on a Nova undergoing outburst, Malheiro Manuel – Magnetized White Dwarfs, Penacchioni Ana V. – The case of Multiple GRBs, Rueda Jorge A. – Thomas Fermi in Relativistic Field Theories, Siutsou Ivan – Self Gravitating inos and constant surface density, Vereshchagin Gregory – Transparency of an extended relativistic shell along the line of sight and application to GRBs, Xue She-Sheng – Space-time evolution of electric fields in compact stars

Tavani Marco – On SNR RX 1713.7, Discussion of particle acceleration in SNRs, Overview of galactic microquasars and focus on Cyg X-3 and Cyg X-1, Big surprises from the Crab Nebula: variability and theory, Cardillo Martina – on SNR W44, Giuliani Andrea – Overview of AGILE data on SNRs, On SNR W28, Piano Giovanni – On SNR Gamma-Cygni, Striani Edoardo – The mysterious Galactic gamma-ray sources, Vercellone Stefano – The brightest gamma-ray blazar: 3C 454.3 (“Crazy Diamond”), Vittorini Valerio – Theoretical models of 3C 454.3 and similar monsters

All interested scientists and students are invited to register themselves using the form that can be found on the website:

The registration fee is 300€.