Microphysics in Computational Relativistic Astrophysics (2nd circular)

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Location:  Waterloo, ON, Canada

The Microphysics in Computational Relativistic Astrophysics (MICRA 2011) workshop will take place June 20-25 at the Perimeter Institute, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Registration is now open at http://micra2011.org

The goal of MICRA is to bring together researchers from the numerical relativity/computational astrophysics community with experts in the microscopic physics of matter and radiation at high densities to facilitate exchange between these communities leading to improved models of relativistic astrophysical systems.

Topics covered by MICRA 2011 will include

* Hot and cold nuclear EOS (including implementation in codes),
* Improved neutrino interactions,
* Efficient implementations of interactions/neutrino transport (approximate schemes [leakage,diffusion], Monte Carlo schemes etc.),
* Crust physics and its inclusion in computational models,
* Nucleosynthesis in compact object mergers and the potential radioactive afterglow signature? (including implementation issues),

MICRA 2011 will take place in an informal workshop setting with much time for interaction and discussion. Registration will open on March 1 and will close on June 1. We aim for 30-40 participants and can accomodate a maximum of 50. Please register ASAP.

The MICRA 2011 organizers,
Cliff Burgess, James Lattimer, Luis Lehner, Christian Ott, Chris Pethick, Achim Schwenk