Dr Barry Wardell to receive thesis prize from IOP’s Gravitational Physics Group co-sponsored by CQG

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It gives me great pleasure to announce the award of the 2010 IOP Gravitational Physics Group’s Thesis Prize to Dr Barry Wardell of the Albert Einstein Institute at Golm. As Editor-in-Chief of Classical and Quantum Gravity, which co-sponsors the prize, I am delighted to see it going to such a deserving recipient.

The award is made for the development of ground-breaking computational techniques for obtaining highly accurate expressions for Green functions on curved spacetime.

Dr Wardell completed his thesis at University College Dublin in Ireland. The thesis: “Green functions and radiation reaction from a spacetime perspective” is available for download from the ArXiv: http://arxiv.org/abs/0910.2634

The prize will be awarded at IOP’s Nuclear and Particle Physics Divisional (NPPD) conference at Glasgow University on 6 April. Dr Wardell will receive the prize shortly before his talk at 3.30pm in the Humanities Lecture Theatre.

Yours sincerely

Clifford M Will
Editor in Chief
Classical and Quantum Gravity