Astrophysics and gravitational waves meeting in Mallorca

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Location:  Palma de Mallorca, Spain

We are glad to announce the 6th (!) Astro-GR meeting. This time we will meeting from Monday 5th to Friday September 9th 2011 in Palma de Mallorca to discuss about astrophysics and gravitational waves, focusing on the science the new European envisioned and other future missions can do, such as:

* Astrophysical modelling of super- and massive black hole coalescences
* Astrophysical modelling of small compact objects by massive black holes (aka “EMRIs”)
* Observations of our own Galactic Center (SgrA*)
* Observations of binary neutron stars leading up to coalescence for long periods of time
* Precision astronomy of massive stellar bodies and measurements of spin-down of individual pulsars
* Modelling of strong field sources within General Relativity
* Data analysis of the sources
* Early warning of possible mergers either from the data analysis or by EM detection
* Coincidence measurements with ground-based GW detectors

This meeting will be run in the style of all previous Astro-GR meetings, with presentations in the morning and discussion/working groups in the afternoon. This format has worked very well in the past, so we have decided to use it again for this meeting. The format and venue for Astro-GR@Mallorca will limit the number of attendees. We thus kindly ask every participant to register as soon as s/he makes travel arrangements and to avoid disappointment. In keeping with the spirit of an informal workshop, there will be no registration fee. The number of slots will be very limited, and they will be chosen by the organizers on the basis of their relevance to the main focus and goal of this meeting. Please take a look to this link to get an impression of the general philosophy of the meetings:

A key aim of the Astro-GR meetings is to foster and develop new collaborative ventures, as well as to strengthen existing ones, within the different communities (astrophysics, data analysis, general relativity and numerical relativity). Looking forward to getting your registrations!

Pau Amaro-Seoane, Alicia Sintes and Sascha Husa