New relativity books by M. S. Berman

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“General Relativity and the Pioneers Anomaly”

This book is an introduction to the General Relativity Theory (GRT) and to the solution of the Pioneers Anomaly by means of relativistic cosmology, a study that is designed to be understood by undergraduate and graduate students alike in the fields of theoretical physics, applied mathematics and space engineering. In fact, this book is the first elementary account of GRT and cosmology to address the NASA problem, which consists of a specific deceleration suffered by two space-probes launched to outer space more than thirty years ago. The other two NASA anomalies, which are, the spin-down of the Pioneers, when they were not disturbed, and the “fly-by” of spacecraft in gravity assists, around the Earth, are explained by Berman, along with the linear deceleration, by the rotation of the Universe, and General Relativity theory.

Pub. Date: 2011 4th quarter
Author: Marcelo Samuel Berman (Instituto Albert Einstein/Latinamerica, Curitiba, Brazil)
Publisher: Nova Science Publishers, New York
ISBN: 978-1-62100-107-2

“Realization of Einstein’s Machian Program”

This book is a solution of the so-called Einstein’s Machian Program, that left Einstein very angry and frustrated, for he was unable to reconcile Relativity Theories with Ernst Mach ideas, that by looking into the Cosmos as a whole, absolute motion could be found. About one hundred years ago, the discussion led to no conclusions among physicists, so that now Berman found that the existence of a Universal rotation, was compatible with General Relativity, and that this rotation is “absolute”. Berman thus solved the problem.

Author: Marcelo Samuel Berman (Instituto Albert Einstein/Latinamerica, Curitiba, Brazil).
Pub. Date: 2012 1st Quarter
publisher: Nova Science Publishers, New York
ISBN: 978-1-61942-164-6