New Book by Anja Skaar Jacobsen: “Leon Rosenfeld”

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Physics, Philosophy, and Politics in the Twentieth Century
by Anja Skaar Jacobsen (Niels Bohr Archive, Denmark)

Leon Rosenfeld (1904-1974) was a remarkable, many-sided physicist of exceptional erudition. He was at the centre of modern physics and was well-known as Niels Bohr’s close collaborator and spokesman. He also reflected deeply on the history and philosophy of science and its social role from a leftist perspective. His biography illuminates the development, popularization, and reception of quantum physics and its interpretation in addition to the development of the political Left. The book draws extensively from previously untapped, unpublished sources in more than five languages.

This book is for students and professionals studying the history of science.

360pp (approx.)
Publication date: March 2012
ISBN: 978-981-4307-81-9