Advanced School in General Relativity in Sao Paolo: Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology

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Location:  São Paulo, Brazil

16 – 27 July, 2012
Instituto de Fisica Teorica – UNESP –
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Modern technology is improving our observations of neutron stars, pulsars, black holes, and other compact objects, which only can be understood in the context of general relativity. Moreover, the direct observation of gravitational waves, expected in the next years, should dramatically increase our comprehension of various astrophysical phenomena. At the same time, only a deep understanding of general relativity will enable physicists to grasp the very meaning of precise measurements of some cosmological observations. The aim of the School is to discuss some of the most important modern topics of astrophysics and cosmology in the context of general relativity. Students are expected to have had some previous contact with general relativity. There is no registration fee.